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Welcome to Cuddly Toy Store!

Our online toy store offers you quality stuffed animals that your child will love having as a best friend. We all know children have a favorite toy they carry everywhere they go and we at "Cuddly toy store" realize this, therefore are toys are created for the everyday love of your child. Your child will love their new best friend that you found at our toy store, hang onto it all through the day, and will be their naptime and bedtime friend to scare away their fears.

Not only will children love our cuddly toys, but many women still collect unique stuffed animals and what better way is there to say "I love you" than with a soft and cuddly stuffed animal.

Cuddly Toy Store is based in Chicago, Illinois. Our online toy store will give you the chance to order our unique animals online without going out and searching for that perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, special occasions, or just as a surprise gift to brighten their day.

Our online toy store will bring you the best quality stuffed animals in a variety of sizes, created with soft materials that ensure cuddliness, thus our name "Cuddly Toy Store". Not only will you find quality stuffed animals but you will find unique and exclusive animals created with the child in mind. Of course, with all toys, all children should be watched during teething or if they place toys in their mouth. Our toys are recommended for children ages 3 and up.

Children have a unique personality and you are sure to find the perfect unique cuddly toy that will fit their personality, from a lopped eared bunny to a blue hippo. Our imagination goes beyond the traditional stuffed animals you normally find. This is because children have an imagination that can be stimulated with cuddly toys that go beyond the normal realm of things. Just think about the nursery rhymes you enjoyed as a child, such as "the cow jumped over the moon". Your imagination and adventurous nature was released and this is what our online toy store can provide to you for any child in your family.

Browse our online toy store and enjoy meeting all the unique cuddly toys, then choose one to invite into your home. You will not be disappointed with the new member of the family that your little one is sure to love and include in every activity.

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Crazy Frog - Cuddly Toy Store

Crazy Frog

... this cuddly plush frog could be your addition to your child's toddler toys. green line

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Chickie - Cuddly Toy Store


... is a plush toy that you child will never be able to lose amongst his toddler toys. green line

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Jacob Stretch - Cuddly Toy Store

Jacob Stretch

... this baby giraffe toy one of the plush animals that your child must have. green line

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Domino - Cuddly Toy Store


... will never leave your child's side whether he or she is awake or sleeps. green line

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